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Affordable Website Pricing In San Diego

Website Pricing

Your Affordable Web Designer Located in Poway, San Diego

Great looking websites don’t need to cost the earth. Here at Webamplo I build fully responsive affordable websites that your company can be proud of.

I will get your new site up and running quickly. I build all client websites with the DIVI theme. It’s the No.1 WordPress theme and it’s guaranteed to produce stunning results.

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Is The Cost Of the Theme Included In the Price?

YES. I build all my sites using a premium Child Theme called Divi. Divi is created by Elegant Themes and it’s the number one WordPress theme in the world.

What Is A Child Theme

In order to create your website with WordPress you need a theme. Here at Webamplo I only use the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. To truly customize your website it’s necessary to create a child theme so we can add all the custom CSS and other custom features for your site. This child theme is specific to your site only and does not get altered when we make the required updates to the Divi theme.

What Is A Custom 404 Page

Have you ever gone to a website and clicked on a link and it’s taken you to a ‘Page Not Found’ page?

Most of the time these pages are the standard WordPress 404 page and look terrible.

All my new websites use a custom 404 page design so in the event someone types in the wrong URL they will be greeted by something appealing.

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How Do I Build Your Website?

Once we are ready to go, I will setup your new website on my staging site. I will give a private URL so only you and I can see the site while it’s being built. Once the site is complete I will transfer to your hosting service and the site can then go live.

What Is Responsive Design?

I am sure you have been to a website on your phone or tablet that looked terrible. Everything is tiny and you have to zoom in to read it. Well , with Repsonsive Design everything looks amazing on any device. Instead of everything shrinking to fit the screen, the content respondes to the size of the screen and the sections drop below each other to form alonger screen but a much better browsing expereince. Text is easy to read and images always look great.