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Website optimization is the practice of optimizing the performance of your website via the use of tools, advanced techniques, and tests in order to boost traffic, conversions, and increase income.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website that speaks for itself

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Search engine optimization is important for your business. It will help you rank higher on websites and bring in more traffic when potential customers go there. It’s all about making sure that you are providing content that leads people to your site and staying on top of all the latest search engine updates. That way, companies who are looking for specific information can find it easily.

SEO is more than a few lines of text. For more information please go to my San Diego SEO Services page.

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Website Copywriting

Your Website is only as good as the content you have on there.

Copywriting is like the engine that makes your website go. The copy on your website is more influential than the actual content because it’s so tightly integrated into the user experience.  A well written website will persuade visitors to do things, think things, and donate money on your behalf. You can influence people’s emotions by writing compelling copy, it will persuade users to buy from you rather than against you and convert them into paying customers.

A beautiful looking site with amazing images and graphics only looks good and will not produce any real organic traffic.

So what’s the answer. Great Content!

Search engines like Google love great content, they want websites that are useful to their customers, you and me browsing the web looking for products and answers. If your website does neither it will not rank you well. This will result in your website not showing up in search results.

The goal of great copywriting is to inform your customers of your product or services with easy to understand, plenty of detail

Ready why good copywriting is so important at medium.com

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Website Image Optimization

A poorly optimized image may look great on your site but

Badly optimized images significantly slow down your website. That’s why image optimization has become so important. There are several tools and techniques that you can use to optimize your images for both loading speed and user experience. This blog post describes three methods that can be used to optimize images on your website. Using these techniques, you can see changes within less than a second!
How We Can Optimize An Image
  • Image File Size: The larger the file size the slower your site will load. Now, if you multiply one poorly optimized image and and another 10 poorly optimized images, the total file size could be incredible. If for example we upload 10, 1mb images to the site. That’s 10mb of images your page needs to load. We could easily reduce each image to 100k for a total of just 1mb for all 10 images. That’s a big saving!
  • Image Dimensions: Have you ever gone to a website where there are 3 images in a row and they are all different sizes? Looks terrible right. Optimizing the image dimensions not only make the page look much better but it will also reduce the image file size too.

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How Does Your Website Test

Audit your website for many issues including image optimization
If you are looking to get pure performance out of your website there is no better tool than GT Metrix. GT Metrix is a free tool which will scan data from your website and report how your website is performing. This can help you diagnose problems with the website code before they become costly to fix. The analysis can also help you identify trends in load time, page speed, which can help you make informed decisions on improving your site’s performance.

Test your website at GTmetrix.com

My Website Loads in 1.3s and has a grade of A

Webamlo GT Metrix Result Part1

Notice the Total Page Size, it’s 667kb, also Total Page requests, only 37

Webamlo GT Metrix Result Part 2

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Best Website Optimization Services

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San Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer Review
San Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer ReviewSan Diego Divi Website Designer Review
Our website needed a freshen up. As a small business we did not have a huge budget. After reaching out to several webmasters, we decided to go with Tom of Webamplo. He seemed knowledgeable and his rates fair.

Tom listened to our needs and wants for our website redesign. He offered suggestions as appropriate. After working together, we have a website which we are very happy with! Tom was a great support in the design, launch and continued maintenance of our site. We actually get compliments often our website. Tom also takes time to educate us on the platform when we want to ‘get our hands dirty’ with the back-office work. Thanks for a wonderful redesign experience Tom!

S. Painter