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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be mobile-friendly with responsive design?
Yes, having a mobile friendly (responsive design) website is an absolute necessity. Lucky for you I build new websites with Divi and it allows me to make your new website look amazing on any device!
How Much do you charge to build websites?

A 4 Page WordPress and Divi website costs $1499.

If you need something smaller I am happy to help. Why not get in touch to get a quote.

Please check out my Website Pricing for more information

How Long Will My Website Take To Build?

For your website to be complete in a timely manner, we need to work together to make the project a success.

I am able to complete the project much faster with better results if I have all the necessary content before I start. This way I can get a better feel how to setup your site.

Soo the sooner I get you photos, text and layout ideas the better!

If all goes well a small website can be built in 2 - 3 weeks.

Will Webamplo write the content for my Website?
No, my website packages do not include content writing.
Is SEO included in my website packages?

Unfortunately SEO is not included in my website packages. I do however add an SEO plugin and setup your Google Analytics and Search Console for you, making your site a little more prepared to start your Search Engine Optimization journey to higher rankings and more customers.

Where Do I Build Your Website?

Once we are ready to go, I will setup your new website on my staging site. I will give a private URL so only you and I can see the site while it's being built. Once the site is complete I will transfer to your hosting service and the site can then go live.

Where is Webamplo Located?

I am located in Carmel Mountain, San Diego.

So if you are a San diego local looking for an amazing Divi Website Designer give me a call.

Can Webamplo Host My Website?
Yes I can.

I can host your website on my fast server.

You can take a look at my Website Maintenance packages

What Is A Child Theme?

In order to create your website with WordPress you need a theme. Here at Webamplo I only use the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. To truly customize your website it's necessary to create a child theme so we can add all the custom CSS and other custom features for your site. This child theme is specific to your site only and does not get altered when we make the required updates to the Divi theme.

What Is Responsive Design?
I am sure you have been to a website on your phone or tablet that looked terrible. Everything is tiny and you have to zoom in to read it. Well , with Repsonsive Design everything looks amazing on any device. Instead of everything shrinking to fit the screen, the content respondes to the size of the screen and the sections drop below each other to form alonger screen but a much better browsing expereince. Text is easy to read and images always look great.



Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with hundreds of data centers in more than 100 locations. Simply said, having Cloudflare on your site will provide a better browsing experience for people all over the globe since Cloudflare stores sections of your website on their servers all over the world, allowing your customers to access this data quickly, allowing your website to load significantly quicker.Read more about Cloudflare

What Is A Custom 404 Page?
Have you ever gone to a website and clicked on a link and it's taken you to a 'Page Not Found' page?

Most of the time these pages are the standard WordPress 404 page and look terrible.

All my new websites use a custom 404 page design so in the event someone types in the wrong URL they will be greeted by something appealing.

Click This Link To See What I Mean

Can you help with changes to my current website
I sure can!

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Very Happy Clients

Harvey Starr
I have to hand it to Tom at Webamplo. He did a great job with re-designing our website to be clear and organized as well as having an appealing look We get a lot of compliments on the professional look of our site. He had some challenges to overcome with some of our unique requirements but he did a fine job on everything. Tom is very responsive to any changes that we need to make to the site and is usually able to post any updates withing a day or so, sometimes hours. I’m very satisfied with the work and will continue to use Webamplo.

Thanks Tom!

Harvey S.
You’ll be blown away by what we can do!

The best San Diego designers for your new company website. Webamplo Website Designers are experts in making high-quality, dynamic and responsive web design. Contact Webamplo today to grow your business.

See some of my recent Divi Web Design Projects.

Ben T.

Webamplo is a triple threat among web developers—providing quality, cutting edge design; fast and friendly service; and very reasonable pricing. I’ve used Tom for my band’s website, and have referred him for other projects both small and large knowing that I’ll never have to worry that he’ll ever deliver anything less than top notch service.

Tom is a professional, committed, and genuine guy. I enjoy working with him, and wouldn’t hesitate to call on him for any future web projects. Two thumbs way up.

Happy Customer Ben!