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Client Testimonials

Sylvia L.

My website was in desperate need of a face lift. I was referred to Tom by a friend and I was a bit nervous because I had no idea what I was looking for. Tom explained everything in details and was super patient with me, since this is all new to me. Tom came through and delivered more than what I expected. My website is clean and easy to navigate, exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend Tom if you are looking to create your website. He has been available every time I have a question or if I need to make any changes.
Thank you Tom!

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Jeremy Y.

We recently hired Webamplo to re-design our outdated and difficult-to -update website. They did a phenomenal job, and at a very reasonable cost. One of the reasons we hired Webamplo was their reputation for creating sites that are both visually appealing, as well as user-friendly. We couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend Webamplo to anyone in search of a professional, affordable web designer.

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I have been working with Tom now for just over a year. Tom offered to help me revamp an old website. His ideas are brilliant and more importantly his patience is out of this world. I like to know what is happening, so Tom led me through the whole experience with patience and care. He even did videos showing what he was doing so I could follow along! The end result is much better than I was expecting. The website is getting visitors and clicks which it never did before. I would encourage anyone who is looking to build a website or wants to revamp an existing one to give Tom a call you won’t regret it.

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Gabrielle C.

Tom is the best of the best, both as a web dev and as a human, and I recommend him wholeheartedly! If you are lucky enough to get the chance to work with him, don’t hesitate. I have worked with Tom on and off over the years on MANY web projects and can confidently say that there is no one one else I would rather work with. Not only does he deliver top-notch work, but he’s a wonderful human who I am grateful to know!

I initially contacted him several years ago for private Divi lessons. I later ended up subbing out to him on various projects that came my way (I work in SEO for an agency) as well as my own personal projects, and he is consistently excellent. Easy to reach, has helped multiple times with a fast turnaround during mini “911’s” and has been able to figure out coding problems that have baffled everyone else. Also, he has an incredibly rare quality for a dev: humility. If it’s out of his wheelhouse, he’s honest and will still point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for a website designer, you really can’t go wrong here. Tom will make sure you have a beautiful, functional site that you’re 100% happy with.

Lastly: For the value and the service he provides, his rates are too low IMO!!!! So I recommend tipping him to say thank you:)

Thank you, Tom!!!

Harvey Starr

Harvey S.

I have to hand it to Tom at Webamplo. He did a great job with re-designing our website to be clear and organized as well as having an appealing look We get a lot of compliments on the professional look of our site. He had some challenges to overcome with some of our unique requirements but he did a fine job on everything. Tom is very responsive to any changes that we need to make to the site and is usually able to post any updates withing a day or so, sometimes hours. I’m very satisfied with the work and will continue to use Webamplo.

Thanks Tom!

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Mathew P.

Webamplo is the only place to go to get your website created or updated. Tom is creative, fast, inexpensive and works collaboratively with people to meet their needs that go beyond expectation. Tom created my band Slippin’s website and created a site that was visually pleasing, interactive and very user friendly. My band and fans were impressed with the results and appreciated having the website to access important content and information. I highly recommend Webamplo to anyone who wants a great website at amazing prices with excellent service!

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When it comes to website building and brand awareness on the world wide web, Skills and quality matters ( you have NO idea). Webamplo took our website from below average to exemplary in a matter of less than 3 weeks. Truly Its crazy when you actually found a true professional for the task and the vast difference that makes. Do yourself and your business a favor by employing these guy’s for web content needs. They are simply the Best. And surprisingly their prices are EXTREMELY reasonable. That part is beyond outrageous. I’ve paid more and received way less. Like I said do you and your business a solid. GET THEM ON-BOARD.

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Dori O.

I’ve hired Tom to work on multiple websites, so I can say from experience he’s a true professional who gets the job done on time, on budget, and on target.

I’ve already referred him to sevea family and friends and can easily recommend him for your website, too!

Founder/CEO, ACTIVEafter50.org

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Client Testimonials

B Tolo

Webamplo is a triple threat among web developers—providing quality, cutting edge design; fast and friendly service; and very reasonable pricing. I’ve used Tom for my band’s website, and have referred him for other projects both small and large knowing that I’ll never have to worry that he’ll ever deliver anything less than top notch service.

Tom is a professional, committed, and genuine guy. I enjoy working with him, and wouldn’t hesitate to call on him for any future web projects. Two thumbs way up.

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Maria V.

I’m so impressed with Tom and his work on my website, I just had to give him a shout out!! He’s so easy to work with and always takes my calls when i have questions! He’s helped me tremendously with making my website safer, faster and more user friendly! He’s also very honest and kind.
I’ve worked with other website people and some were all ego driven, he’s not, he truly cares about his clients and their needs.
Thank you Tom!

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K. Wolffe

I hired Tom of Webamplo to help me understand and learn to use the complexities of WordPress in refining my blog. I experienced Tom to be patient, professional, technically knowledgeable, and able to communicate the language of technology with clarity. He made various tutorials to demonstrate from A-Z how to navigate the particular WordPress platform I had purchased.

After he worked on giving my site a new look which was vastly improved over the former, he has been available to answer questions and coach me through obstacles I encounter in using my site.

I highly recommend Tom as he is creative, understands the complexities of website development, and has excellent interpersonal skills!

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Michelle Pennings Webamplo Review

M Pennings

I can’t say enough good things about Tom. When I needed a website for my photography business, Tom took my ideas and brought them to fruition. He patiently listened to all I had to say and made wonderful suggestions. When I needed to talk to him he was available and answered all my questions in a way I could understand. He was quick to respond to emails and I love that he isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and talk in person.

He really knows what he is doing and he took the pressure off me to try to build something myself. His knowledge in SEO, Facebook and Google was very helpful. Tom made my website be even better than I could have imagined, and he did it at a reasonable price.

I enjoy working with Webamplo and I plan on them handling all my website needs in the future. Tom is a good partner with an incredible work ethic, an eye for design and is an all around great guy.

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J Pollak

Tom was referred to me by the company who provided the copy for my new website. That owner gave Webamplo such a rave review that I was willing to give it a try. Tom exceeded my expectations, did a fabulous job, and was responsive and proactive throughout the process. I’m very happy with my new website, and if I have any further issues, I’m confident that Tom will pick always promptly pick up the phone (or respond to my email).

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G Schwartz

As a copywriter and editor, I often work for small business owners who don’t have ongoing IT support. They may have had somebody design and build them a website, but most either did it themselves or hired somebody to do it several years ago, leaving nobody tending to the necessary regular maintenance that’s required of websites these days. When I met Tom, I was scrambling because I had a client in a massive time crunch with severe technical issues with her WordPress site.

To say that Tom saved this contact and my client is an understatement. He jumped on board, diagnosed the many issues plaguing this poor neglected and outdated website, and enabled us to proceed with her project, a time-sensitive blog. He was phenomenally available, easygoing and technically knowledgable throughout the process, and his rates are quite affordable. Afterwards, when Tom told me about his monthly packages, I immediately signed up for three months. Not only did this drastically reduce my stress around client websites, I also use some of my monthly hours to have him update and tweak my own website when needed. I feel lucky to have Tom on my team and highly recommend him and his services.


J McCue

I recently had Tom build a new website for my Drywall Construction business. I learned about Webamplo and Tom from a painter friend who referred him to me. When I first called Tom he spent about 20 to 30 minutes on the phone with me and was very patient with my questions. We met at his home office and he took the time to understand my business and ideas and we were able to start working on things right away. I really appreciated him taking the time to meet with me quite a few times as he built the site.

He was open to my editing and participation and is very creative and the site looks amazing.
He added videos, links to Google, Facebook and more. He is also helping with SEO work and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of web design.
As far as his pricing – Tom is very fair and the entire project was much less than I had expected to pay.

I will definitely be recommending Tom when the subject of web design comes up.

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Michelle Pennings Webamplo Client Testimonials

S Painter

Our website needed a freshen up. As a small business we did not have a huge budget. After reaching out to several webmasters, we decided to go with Tom of Webamplo. He seemed knowledgeable and his rates fair.

Tom listened to our needs and wants for our website redesign. He offered suggestions as appropriate. After working together, we have a website which we are very happy with! Tom was a great support in the design, launch and continued maintenance of our site. We actually get compliments often our website. Tom also takes time to educate us on the platform when we want to ‘get our hands dirty’ with the back-office work. Thanks for a wonderful redesign experience Tom!

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D Loomis

After working with a handful of developers from the U.S. and from India, I’m glad that I finally found Tom.

He helped me revamp my website and exceeded my expectations. Not only is Tom talented, he has the integrity that we all desire but rarely find.

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E Magnus

I so appreciated Tom’s work and collaboration at every stage of the website design process. He was patient in taking me behind the curtain to understand how it must function on multiple devices. And from layout to color to my own variations he simply committed to seeing it through my eyes and making it real.

Tom is not only a good designer. He’s a true partner.

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D. Rhodes

Working with Tom of Webamplo has been a delight —he was professional —he is accurate and he takes the time to really understand your project— it’s been a pleasure working with him!! I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for web design and support he created a beautiful website for me www.thezenpet.com

The site is user-friendly the site is beautiful and professional. I’m very happy with it and I will certainly be using his services for future projects! In Fact he’s going to help me turn my other site into a landing page so I say thumbs up across the board for Tom!!

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J. Yi

Tom was a pleasure to work with. I needed a webpage for a new dry cleaners I opened in Rancho Santa Fe and Tom was very helpful in getting the job done quickly.

The thing that stood out with him is that he is very reliable and quick to respond to any questions or any changes that needed to be made. I was pleased with the quality of the page so I asked him to build a second page for my dry cleaners in Pacific Beach. He also did the SEO for the google search for both pages. Thanks Tom!

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D. Lanzano

The process of bringing your business online can be an exciting, yet daunting task. Or at least that’s how I thought it would be. For people like myself who aren’t very tech savvy, the internet can be a scary place. Tom, at Webamplo held my hand through the whole process, step by step.
I picked out a gorgeous pre-made website and gave him some content about my business and in less than ten days my company was live! I can’t believe I am the proud owner of such a classy and professional looking website.

I still keep in contact with Tom to talk about ways to improve my online presence. They really care about your success and provide five star service. I am forever grateful I found these guys and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality web designer.

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J Guiney

I’m a publisher, and I needed to find someone to re-do my company’s website to promote my newest book, Cur Vitae; The Collected Writings of Talrich deYorkshire (a fantastic book written by a dog, BTW). Having had most unsatisfactory results with previous webmasters, I was dreading the whole thing. Plus, whoever I found would have to start from scratch, since the guy who had supposedly been ‘hosting’ my site had months ago somehow contrived to make the entire (very, very expensive) site completely disappear from the web. I contacted a number of website builders who, frankly, all turned out to be way too expensive and/or sounded like BSers anyway. Then, luckily, I called Tom Knorz. I gave him a brief summary of my situation, and while we were still on the phone he says, “Oh, here it is. I got it. Intermittent Publications, right?” The guy actually found my old website (or at least all that’s left of it)when nobody else could! Tom ended up doing a whole new, great-looking site, very reasonably, and was a dream to work with. When I said what I wanted he gave it to me—and right away, too. Prompt, Proficient, and Properly Priced. You’ve found your guy. You can quit looking now.
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